What Role will you play?

RoleCall's Business


RoleCall is currently used in the pre-production phase of the film process. But long term wants to expand into production and post-production phase.

- Wants to build up features available to filmmakers, especially higher level production staff.

- The Client wants to build up and expand upon the chat interface.


The early stages ofDiscoveryinvolve a couple things...

The Who:

4 Interviewees

All four were small indie producers who use RoleCall. Some producers double up on assets (Actors) so they are on both sides of the platform.

The Why:

We wanted to know when, where, why, and how producers were using RoleCall to align with their everyday task while on and even off set.

Sample Questions

Q: What platform do you use to view RoleCall?

Q: Why do you prefer that method?

Q: How frequently do you use RoleCall?

"I mostly use mobile, if I want to go in and do the heavy activity then I would need to go in on my desktop. When I use the message feature, I am concerned about missing someone or sending a message twice. I need to know if someone has received a message or not."

- The User

Comparative Analysis

Chat Interfaces

  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Microsoft Teams
  • iMessage
  • Discord
Key Observations

All group chats are seamless and allow for file sharing


  • StudioBinder
  • Actors Access
  • SAG - Aftra
  • NYX Castings
Key Observations

None of the competitors offer a two way chat at this time. However,Producersuse apps such asFBMessenger and Craigslist to communicate with talent

Contextual Inquiry

"Every time I click something I think I'm on an upgrade account page"

"Why is there two hamburger menus?"

"Not intuitive to go to the project to get notifications on a RoleCall match"


Affinity Mapping


Key Insights

Producers have issues keeping track of who has/has not responded to their messages

- Producers want to be able to quickly push changes out to their cast and crew.

- Users want a group messaging feature.

- Want to be able to chat in real time and share files.

- Need notification to be more centralized.

Meet theUser

Name: Brooke

Title: Executive Producer

Age: 28

City: Atlanta, Ga


African American

Task & Behaviors:

- Using FB and asking around as a method to book local talent and crew.


- Efficient communication.

- To be able to tell who has responded.

- To get information out quickly about set or schedule changes.


- Communication with full cast

- Time is money!

- Managing multiple conversations.


What's The Problem?

During production, filmmakers need to easily contact their cast and crew quickly when schedule and shoot details change. They need to be able to keep track of what they have sent out, who has seen their message, and be notified of any responses.



We believe that a polling feature that includes user generated responses with a clear call to action and team response tracking that will allow producers to easily manage cast and crew. We will know this to be true when we observe an incrase in users upgrading to the Pro plan to benefit from the additional features.

Sketching(Project Page)

Sketching(Messaging & Features)

Sketching(Feature Prioritization)


"How many ways do people communicate online?"


A polling system that allows producers to give and receive information to the production.

Usability Testing

During the process of making iterations it was important to stay true to “failing fast”. This allowed for quickuser centerediterations on features such as thePoll, Navigation bar, Group creation, and icons.

Progression of theNavigationwithinRoleCall

Progression of theGroup CreationwithinRoleCall

Progression of theProject InboxwithinRoleCall

From the first iteration to the final, we realized thatusers wanted toclick on the chat icon at the bottom then see an overall inbox. By adding the create message icon at the top right usersinstinctivelyknew it would take them to the screen where they couldstart a group.

Progression of theAttachment IconwithinRoleCall

Since I added the poll feature, I wanted the users to see it as a tool. So the tool Icon was added to represent that. However all thefemalesthat we tested with did not know that it meant tools, so we added a label to make it clear.

*Working with the constraint of ad space was challenging as well.


"You guys ready to build this thing."

- Stephen (CEO of RoleCall)