Atlanta Botanical Garden





Atlanta Botanical Garden Redesign

UX Researcher, Wireframes, Usability Testing

June 17th - July 1st

This project is a redesign of Atlanta Botanical Gardens website. It was a two week sprint where I was in a team of two other UX designers, Taiwo Akintayo, and Chanel French.

Atlanta Botanical Garden's Business


Increase ticket purchasesIncrease membershipsAllow visitors a to plan their visit


The early stages ofDiscoveryinvolve a couple things...

The Who:

9 interviewees were screen via a survey to gauge their familiarity with Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Why:

We set out to gain insite from current users as to how they experience the gardens from the moment they purchase their ticket to the moment they walk into the gardens.

Sample Questions

Q: How do you prefer to purchase your tickets?

Why do you prefer that method?

Q: Describe your experience visiting ABG?

Contextual Inquiry

"[The navigation] wasn't Immediately intuitive"

"There's a ridiculous amount of membership levels"

"It's weird that I clicked on 'orchid Membership' and it took me to all the Memberships, minus the pictures"


Affinity Mapping


User-friendly website and clear navigation is desired

The ability to easily view events details is important to users

User want quick and easy checkout that's convenient

Current Jouney Map

Users find the site overall overwhelming with too many options during selection and checkout process.

But who's the person going through thejourney?


What's The Problem?

Visitors to Atlanta Botanical Garden want to gain access to the gardens by quick and simple means. They need a website that clearly provides them concise options with a straight forward checkout process.

The Solution

We believe that by simplifying and streamlining the site, we willachieve a higher success rate in task completion.We will know this to be true when 80% of our users can complete thetask with minimal issues.



The ABG site had a lot of information, and due to that. our team needed to understand how our users see and understand the information presented to them,

Wireframes & Iterations

Some of the first wireframes that were based on sketches and research

The final versions include changes made such as the membership screen, and the ticket buying page. By the last usability test users reported…

"Very simple, super easy Checkout"

- Stef