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My Background

I was born in Barranquilla Colombia, South America, and came to the United States at the age of 4. I was raised in Kansas City, Missouri attended Raytown High School, and also spent my days attending Summit Technology Academy.  My senior year I moved in with my best friend, because my dads job moved my family to Atlanta GA. After first semester was over I graduated early and  left to the ATL. Enrolled at Georgia State and next semester I'll be at Kennesaw State. Now you are all caught up.

My Hobbies

Football was my main hobby during middle school and high school. I lived it day in and day out. I was blessed to play for team USA and played four years of varsity football at Raytown. I am a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I like to Design technology.

My Favorite Things

There is a difference between friends and family. But when your friends are your family, it does not get much better than that.


BBT Brand

My Personal brand BBT is about influence on social media and helping people create networks with people. BBT also does custom 3D models and Designs.

WasteNot Atlanta

WasteNot Atlanta is a team who has the goal of reducing food waste in the city of Atlanta by using the "Internet of things" and Technology to make a difference.

College Knowledge

College Knowledge is my podcast where I talk and answer questions about college. I also interview guest and do a deep dive of their college experience. 


My YouTube channel is me documenting my life as a Mechanical Engineering student, while also being an Entrepreneur. I will have weekly vlogs and review videos about all things college.

Helpfully Internship

I graduated High School early and landed a big internship before completing a full year of college. Want to know how follow my podcast and YouTube, and if you want contact me.

Kennesaw State

This fall I will be a Freshman at Kennesaw  State University. Follow my journey towards becoming an Engineer.

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